So is this thing really waterproof?

Yes. Pack Emojibator for your next underwater adventure. The stem has a watertight cap to keep liquids out of the circuitry. This ensures it’s safe to use in a relaxing bath, steamy shower, or even in the pool for underwater enjoyment, as well as simple to wash off afterward.

How big is your eggplant?

That's not appropriate to ask, but I'll tell you anyway. The dimensions are approximately 4.84" x 1.22" making it the perfectly sleek and satisfying size.

What is Emojibator made off?

Emojibator is made with high-quality medical-grade silicone, safe for bodily insertion. Although it is safe for anal penetration, we suggest using products with a base or stopper to prevent them from slipping inside.

How do you turn this bad boy on?

For your first use, you'll need to unscrew Emojibator's stem and remove the piece of paper blocking your electrical circuit. This is intended for shipping compliance. Once removed, simply click the top of the stem to fire it up!

OMG how do you turn it off?

Simply click the button located at the top of the Emojibator stem to cycle through all 10 settings until vibrating has ceased. Newer models can be shut off by holding the button for three (3) seconds.

What kind of batteries does the Emojibator take?

Congratulations on unlocking this masturbation achievement! The Emojibator comes equipped with four LR44 batteries, if you need to replace them, you can purchase them at your local store or do a quick Amazon search. If you want, you can always just buy another Emojibator.

I've replaced the batteries and my Emojibator still doesn't work, what do I do?

The most common cause of vibrator malfunction is due to the plastic insulation sleeve being improperly inserted, damaged, or removed. The sleeve should remain inserted at all times and should sit 90 degrees from the copper coil, as demonstrated here.

If this does not resolve your issue, reach out to our support email and someone from our team will be happy to assist. If you purchased your product less than one year ago, you may still be under warranty.

What kind of packaging do my products come in?

Emojibator products are delivered in a discreet plain padded envelope from our Shipping Manager in Santa Clara, CA. No one will suspect a thing!

Is my Emojibator under warranty?

Yes, we will replace your eggplant for up to one year from your original purchase. This warranty excludes normal depletion of consumable parts such as batteries unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship and, damage resulting from abuse, accident, modifications, unauthorized repairs or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship.

How do purchases from Emojibator show up on my credit card statement?

SP * PIXELRISE if checked out through our site, SP*PIXLRISE from PayPal checkouts.

What's the difference between a vibrator and a dildo anyway?

Vibrators vibrate and dildos do not. The main stimulation from a vibrator comes from the buzzing sensation while a dildos pleasure comes from penetration and G-spot stimulation. The Emojibator is both a vibrator and a dildo.

Is the eggplant really a fruit?

Yes. Fruits are the edible reproductive organs of a plant (how appropriate!). Some even consider the eggplant a berry. The more you know.

Any questions? Need assistance? Just want to say hey?

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